The ranger gate shack, need a code to get in....

We’ve arrived, only 135 miles from previous location

Our site, 339

Our site, 339

Our site, 339

View from our site is Hog Bay

More of Hog Bay, Dave’s going to shore fish this area.

Flowers do exceptionally well in the heat and humidity

Come, let’s golf or swim, or fish or walk or ...

The lodge used to be a horse stable or paddock.

Map of the Rv park, pen points to our site.

The rest of the isthmus, which includes other 800 acres of the...

When we moved from TT Chesapeake Bay to this new location, we weren’t sure about some aspects of getting over here, so one day about 3 days prior we “pre-drove” the route. Doing that gave us much more confidence. You see the route involved going through three (3) tunnels that go under the waters of Chesapeake Bay and the James River! ! ! Doing the pre-drive was good, in that, we learned how much the tolls would be, $31 and that we had to pull over to the vehicle inspection area for LP gas inspection. They want to make sure it’s turned off, they write down your license plate and send you on your way! Easy Breezy! So, over all, the change of location was an easy drive of 136 miles to the Virginia Eastern Shore and TT Virginia Landing. We’d heard some good comments and much negative about this campground, but like many other resorts and campgrounds in our many miles, we like to form our own opinion. It’s too hot, too humid, too many bugs, biting flys, too far from stores, it’s too this, it’s too that, oh Pooh...! Anyway, I digress, this is an alright place. There is bay and river fishing on the property, if you’re over 65 get the VA FIP number and your fishing is free. Our site. #339 is fabulous with full hookups and strong 50 amp power. It happens that this week is hot, so hot that we attached our 90% shade cloth to the awning. It cools down the patio by at least 10 degrees, maybe more! Since this the Fourth of July week there are activities on property, such as hotdog and s’mores nights, ice cream socials and fireworks on the Fourth!

While here on the Eastern Shore we’ll be doing maybe three things. 1. Going to the Eastern Shore Museum which, we saw on our way on the highway. 2. Tour and learn about the Chincoteague Ponies 3. Take the ferry over to an island named Tangier. So stay tuned and find out what we discover on this new area we’ve yet to explore.

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