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We awoke around 3:00 this morning and finally fell back to sleep after looking at the clock several times. The second time we awoke, it was exactly 6:00 AM. It was bright daylight outdoors and time was a-wasting!

We decided that we were in no hurry so we sat with our morning coffee, talking about the day of travel ahead of us.

After the morning coffee we finished up our normal “pre-travel” chores and pulled away from our Camp-site at 7:45.

We made a stop at a “Love’s” just south of St Joseph on I-29, picked up a really good sandwich called the “All American Arby’s Roast Beef“, and fueled the truck with Diesel at $2.37 per gallon.

We pulled into the Deer Creek Valley RV Resort at 1:15 PM, having traveled for 5½ hours, including our stop.

The highways (Hwy 36, I-29, I-435, and I-70) were mostly smooth but a few areas of construction were quite rough and we found a few unexpected surprises when we went inside the RV. A couple of glasses were broken when they fell out of the chair they were riding in. They were being protected by pillows and a small rug, but fell out of the chair anyway.

A lamp was tipped over, but otherwise everything was fine.

The outside temperature was 96 degrees when we arrived so the first order of business was to get the A/C turned on.

It was cool enough in a short time, with both A/C units running, and we sat watching some TV and relaxing with a cold soda. (Gatorade for me)

It was a good day of travel and we were off the road early in the day. That’s the way we like to do it.

Later in the evening, Marilyn popped some popcorn and we continued to enjoy the “relax” mode.

We watched a couple of older movies and turned in early.

Now we must wait until tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store.....

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