Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

The fog rolls in over the Marriot

Whole crispy duck!

The pic Helen doesn't want on the website

Fruit juices on the cliff top restaurant

Looking out from the cliff top

Arrived in Lima after a 26 hour bus trip from La Paz - not as gruelling as it sounds, we booked Cama seats which is similar to business class on a plane. We slept most of the night and passed the day watching pirate movies in English or with English subtitles.

The border crossing was the ropiest yet. The Peruvian drug control police pulled us into their office (as they did when we crossed Peru - Bolivia). This time though they were a lot more interested in how much money we had on us - where it was - and what type of money it was. Basically they were trying to take it from us. Fortunately after the last crossing Paul decided to hide the substantial amount of cash we had in our plane tickets, so all we had was $20, which they didn't take. They work on the idea that if you have a lot and they swipe a little you won't miss it.

One guy from Belgiam got 200 Brazilian Reals taken from him, although once he spoke to the bus company they went back and they police 'found' his money on the floor of the room they had taken us into.

Arrived in Lima at 6pm our taxi driver gave us flier for a hotel next to the Marriot in the trendy part of Lima - Miraflores. The hotel room was basic but had a good bathroom, and above all was clean. We were 2 minutes from the Larcomar shopping centre that is a smaller outdoor version of a shopping mall but with a lot of nice restaurants. Very touristy but lots of good food and nice coffee for a change!

Unfortunately Lima was a 'dry' city for the weekend as it was the presidential elections and these South Americans can get a little over excited at these times especially after a couple of drinks!

So we spent the weekend relaxing eating good food and supping coffee and fruit juice in Miraflores.

Whilst relaxing watching TV we felt the earth move - quite literally. Twice the whole building shook as an earthquake took place. As it was only a mild earthquake we didn't have to stand in a doorway or crawl underneath a table.

Lima is not like La Paz or Quito in that, although it is a big city there isn't a lot to do in the surrounding area for day trips, so after a few days spoiling ourselves drinking fruit juices it was time to move on North and push on for Ecuador.

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