We love this incredible town and will be back for more..:-)

The ride is awesome and FREE...:-)

View of Telluride below...

Another view..

Our new friend "Sophia" riding with us in the gondola..

We enjoyed a personal tour of the Ridge Club at St. Sophia..


View from his window..wowser!

View ..

Sophia relaxing while we all took in the view..:-)


Talk about a pool with a view...incredible!


One more..:-)

The million dollar machines that keep the roads warm in winter..

Check out his golf carts...:-)

Back on the gondola looking back at the awesome Ridge Club..


Almost back to Telluride..

Beautiful tree in Telluride..

We love this little town..






We had awesome Chinese food for lunch..

More huge plates, we took half home for dinner..



They have a nice campground too, but the sites are too small...

The beautiful stream running through town where Sophia swims..:-)


Homes in the area..


Last one is a chart showing the elevation, we felt it too..:-)

We had one of those "WOWSER" days today. We drove over to Telluride and rode the gondola over to Mountain Village. When we started to get on the gondola a man with a HUGE dog asked us if we would mind having him and his dog ride with us. We told him we would be happy to have them. We told him how we had taken Ollie on rides with us in gondolas before too. :-)

Well, we found out he and Sophia are well known in the area. Sophia is allowed to run down the mountain from St. Sophia where the gondola stops half way between Telluride and Mountain Village. You can search Sophia Gondola Dog and Telluride on Google and see several videos about them. She goes swimming in the stream in Telluride and just plays in the grass etc. When she is ready to go back to her home at the top of the mountain, she simply goes back into the Gondola Station and waits on a ride. The people running the gondola know her well.

We also found out Sophia's master owns part of the huge Ridge Club at the top of the hill where he and Sophia live. He took us on a personal tour of the club, it was incredible! We were amazed at the scenery from his pool and the inside views. He even showed us the huge million dollar machines that keep the roads warm in the winter so snow does not accumulate on them. Wowser! They drive their golf carts down the hill to Telluride and must have a clear road to get there. What a life!

We seem to be very blessed everywhere we go, we meet wonderful people like this. What a priviledge to be taken on a tour of this incredible place. We love the town of Telluride and will be making several trips back. We are also planning to spend a month in the area after we leave here at the end of the month. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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