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I think on my little jaunts around the RV park I will start taking my camera with me so you have some interesting photos to see and an opportunity to see what Leaf Verde RV Resort is all about...who knows, you might want to stay here yourself.

I am trying to think of a term for my little old Physical Therapist. He is like a little troll. He is very slight, talks constantly and has his opinions of what is the best healing. He thinks that the exercising is the best, but the walking is so, so. Maybe that is old school.

He talks to Toby all the time, reaching his hand out to him frequently. Makes us nervous as when he first met Toby (who barked almost the whole time he was here) he mentioned that one patient had a dog that nipped him and he reported them to the police for having a vicious dog, and they took the dog away!

Toby doesn't bark at him anymore, but he still puts his hand out to him. John tries to keep him away. I had to do exercises laying on the bed. Toby is very protective of me, so when I was laying down, he jumped up on the bed to be with me and, I think, to protect me. Carl reached down to Toby and Toby licked his hand, then came back to me.

Later tonight Carl called us and said he had a slight nick on his hand and wondered if Toby had his Rabies Shot. Holy Cow! He's worried about RABIES with a nick on his hand...what about him touching me with a nick on his hand. Should have asked him if he had had his Rabies shot. I am sure he wouldn't have hesitated to turn us in for not have him vaccinated. Which by the way, he has been.

Walked a 1/2 hour today, plan the same tomorrow. I have a lot of motivation to get healed. Kelly and Alex, my son and daughter in law from Seattle are coming down for a visit the end of February. I am SO excited.

Have a good weekend.

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