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The lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin

It's ocean either way!

Is that the meeting of the oceans?!

Into the tall trees

Lunch stop among the trees

Navigating the maze at Northcliffe

Snakes and ladders

More tall trees

Our free camp among the trees

Next morning a couple pulled up in a bus towing this as...


Our pack-up this morning was done in rain and that, combined with final plays and farewells with new friends, meant that we took a while to get away.

As we headed south from Margaret River the weather cleared a bit and we decided to make for the very south west corner of Australia - a few km past Augusta to Cape Leeuwin. At the cape there is a lighthouse and some viewing areas; a chance to see where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. There was no helpful line in the water to tell us the exact spot, but Pip did get some good photos of the water spraying up as it hits the rocks, so perhaps that was where the two oceans were colliding.

Our departure from the cape also marked the end of our journey down the west coast - from now we're headed along the south of the continent for a while. Our drive eastwards started taking us into national parks full of tall trees, some of them the giant Karri trees. After stopping in a rest area for lunch, we had a further stop in Pemberton (for a couple of supplies and a play in the park) and then in Northcliffe. There wasn't a great deal happening in Northcliffe late on a Saturday afternoon but it does have a natural maze (of hedges) and one that's free as opposed to the $60 or so it would have cost us to do the mazes in Margaret River.

So we ran through the maze a few times and played a game of the giant snakes and ladders in the same park before driving a little further to a free rest area amongst the tall timber. It turned out to be the first free camp we've had completely to ourselves and, on the night of a new moon, on a mostly deserted road, we had a very dark, peaceful night!

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