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Yesterday the wind was blowing and it was raining. This area only gets 2-5 rainy days a year. It was snowing on the mountains. Instead of staying in we went down to Indio and picked up the T-shirt we won from the Fantasy Springs Casino. What a nice place. Great pool and spa with the steam rolling off them, beautiful gardens and fountains. Too bad it was so cold. We spent a pleasant afternoon and headed back home so Dick could continue his sleep experiments. Is it easier to nap in the cold rather than the heat.

Finished a quilt top, and had to use all my left over fabric for the bottom. I even added an odd piece that sorta matched but gave me the extra inches I needed. My hubby didn't like the odd fabric. Thought I should have made another trip to Joanns for a better match. It is the backing, it never has to be seen. Besides I kinda like the idea that people would turn it over and say "what was she thinking ,such an strange choice."

We have a road runner that runs through our lot several times a day. When Dick was waxing the back of the RV it stood behind him and made this wereing sound. He can imitate the sound and the bird will come running and look at him like " I'm here what do you want?" Yesterday he was on top of the North hall. I didn't think they could fly. They can but prefer to run on the ground. They eat insects, lizards, rodents, and snakes. The more the merrier. I hope they eat everything in sight!

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