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The Sun-N-Fun campground has so many activities, that days can go by without campers getting in a car and leaving the property. In the Rio Grande Valley there were twenty campgrounds like Sun-N-Fun, so we regularly left ours to enjoy concerts or activities in the others. Since this place is unique around here, campers refer to "leaving the bubble" when they drive through the gate and go out in the world.

We figured out how to join social tennis and enjoyed competition similar to what we are used to at home. At times there were more players than court space and while we waited to rotate in, we had a chance to chat with other players and learn more about the area. We also went to a pickle ball lesson. Folks back home have started to play it on those days when we couldn't get indoor tennis court time during bad weather. Pickle ball is a cross between tennis and ping pong and is less taxing on arthritic joints and the cardiovascular system - a good game to learn as aging bodies deteriorate. People were friendly and very welcoming on both courts.

In the evening we went to what was called a circus performance. It reminded us of the sorts of acts that were featured on the Ed Sullivan show or on cruise ships. An aerialist was suspended from the ceiling of the meeting hall and swung over our heads. A dog act featured twelve dogs doing jumping and climbing tricks. Just keeping all those dogs in an orderly group on stage was a challenge. A video camera projected the acts to large screen TV's for those whose seats were too far back.

The restaurant here serves buffet lunch every day, a varying dinner menu, and special weekend breakfasts. No need to go to the grocery store. No need to cook.

Today we finally left the bubble to visit friends from home who have rented a condo right on the beach. Being close to the beach can be a mixed blessing. On some days the fog rolls in or the wind comes over the water and brings in cold and damp. But today was one of those beautiful days where walking the beach was a joy and the day was capped off by watching the sun sink into the waves. The Sunshine State has lived up to its reputation so far.

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