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This was the mountain range behind the town of Wells. This shot...


The adventure continues.

So much for beating the weather! Last night it got down to 20.5 degrees, and due to the light snow last night, the roads were a little on the frosty side. So, I waited for awhile, then went for a little walk and talked to a NDOT guy that said the road I was going to go over was in good shaper – this was after they cleared a wreck. The sky was clear, the sun was out, and it looked like a good day for traveling – after warming up a bit. But by now it was above freezing, so things were looking up.

So I went back to the trailer. My plan was to unhook the trailer in order to take the truck in to get fueled up, check tires, etc. Many times that is much easier to do without the trailer attached, especially in smaller towns that don’t have “truck and trailer” friendly gas stations.

After getting things ready to detach, I started the truck up as usual, then got out as usual. But all of a sudden the truck quit. So, I hopped back in and cranked it over. It wouldn’t start! One more time – nothing. So after several attempts, and a few comments under my breath, I took a hike to the nearest place to ask about a mechanic. Those of you who know me, understand that vehicle mechanics is not my forte. So, I found someone who could come back to the truck and we tried it together. No luck. He went back to get another guy, who brought some starting fluid with him. No luck.

So, after looking around, in and under the truck, we tried a couple more things. No luck. Well, the opinion was that it wasn’t getting any fuel – reasons unknown. Options? One: take the truck to the station. Okay, so this guy goes back to get the other guy and they come back together with a chain for towing me in. Of course the trailer is still attached, so it had to be detached. That actually went well.

So, we towed the truck to the station, which fortunately wasn’t very far – about a half mile. Since the truck was now safe in it’s temporary quarters, I left for awhile to let them do their thing. After about an hour, I went back and learned that after going through the process of elimination with the fuel filter, checking lines, fuses, relays, pressure testing, etc., the consensus was that the fuel injector pump was not functioning. And of course, on this truck there is no other manual or mechanical means of getting fuel to the system. So what does this mean??? They have to order the part – and since it has to come from Salt Lake, it wouldn’t be here until tomorrow. Fine. Not much I can do about that.

So, back to the trailer I go. Another night in Wells. Snow coming tonight and tomorrow. Temps dropping. Will I ever get back to Oregon???

So, I went in to the office to let them know I would be their resident for another night, and in the process, I asked if there was a pharmacy in the area, because I needed to pick something up. Well, no, there isn’t actually a pharmacy, just the shelf drugs at the grocery store. BUT, they needed something from a particular store in the next town, which has a Walmart, and a pharmacy, and her husband would be glad to take me, she said, since they needed a couple things also. Okay, sounds good to me. So off we go to Elko – 50 miles away! Actually, it was a nice drive and the scenery was great – sorry, no pictures as I didn’t have my camera.

Okay, so we get back and I head over to the garage to check on the status – just in case they found something else – something positive, that is. Nope. But while there, we take a look at my tires. Long story short, since I was intending to change them when I got back to Oregon, and since the truck was already in the garage, and since they had good tires at this place – yeah, you guessed it, new tires all around.

So, here I am, sitting in my cozy little trailer, waiting out another nice night in Wells, while my truck sits in the garage with new tires, waiting for it’s new part. What a great day! And just think, it’s supposed to start snowing tonight, and possibly into tomorrow. Everybody says it probably won’t snow much, so I’m trying to be optimistic.

So goes another fine day in Wells, Nevada………...

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