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Both Winter Texans and the local yokels love to go to flea markets on the weekends. Everybody is looking for a bargain.

The first one we went to charged $.25 to go inside. I don't know what they were paying that lady that was collecting our quarters, but you have to think that they lost money on that operation. Once we got inside, we realized that it was a market for local TexMexicans rather than for us. Everything was in Spanish and much was unfamiliar. Fresh produce was for sale, but I would only have known how to cook some of it. Many things for sale were well used, the sort of stuff I would take to the Goodwill rather than try to sell it to someone else. But the collection of piñatas this market has was magnificent. I only wish that I had a good reason to buy one.

The next market was large and more oriented toward us. We overheard some of the vendors talking. They had started working the market to supplement their retirement savings, but business is so good down here in the winter, they were beginning to feel like they were back in the rat race. It had a huge produce section and we bought fresh pineapple that was trimmed and cored on the spot. The fresh tomatoes and avocados were also great. I hate buying tomatoes at home in the winter since they have no taste, but the one grow locally have that "just picked" taste. Because so many folks down here are living in some sort of RV, parts and gizzmos for the camper crowd were also big sellers. There was a sense of humor to some of the items for sale. Visors with built in hair on top are popular with the bald crowd. T shirts with funny sayings were also fun to skim as we went by. We stocked up on socks, polarized sun glasses half the price they are at home, and fanny packs. And walked and walked and walked.

You definitely shouldn't come to these markets with a shopping list. There's no way to tell what you will find, but they provide a nice afternoon of entertainment no matter what you buy.

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