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Back to Times Square

Grand Central Station - just to say we'd seen it

Grand Central Station - on the inside

The Chrysler Building

Show number 1 - Jersey Boys, the hit about Frankie Valli and...

Show #2 - Mary Poppins, the big Disney stage production at the...

Inside the New Amsterdam Theatre

After our late night the night before (now our norm, it seems) we slept in, then wandered back on the subway to Times Square, and on to a couple of places we said we'd like to see. We then got back to Times Square, bought hot dogs from a street-corner vendor (they are everywhere in New York!) for lunch, and went up Broadway to 52nd street to see Jersey Boys. When we bought tickets the day before we asked for the best they had, and they had row 1! Unfortunately the seats were a little bit below stage level, so we couldn't see the bottom of the very back of the stage, but since this wasn't a dancing show anyway we didn't care. The performers were fantastic, the sound was fantastic, and we had a fantastic time - the stars standing 3 feet from our faces!! After the show we walked back down Broadway to Times Square where there were a lot of mid-priced chain restaurants and had dinner at an Olive Garden, and then we talked right around the corner to the wonderful old New Amsterdam Theatre, which Michael Eisner and the Disney Corporation had saved from the wrecking ball. There we saw Mary Poppins, the stage version. We were actually 12 rows back from the front, but distance-wise it felt like much farther. The show was very good, and full of magic tricks as you would expect, including a fantastic huge stage which moved - the whole stage moved back and forth, and a second stage came down from the rafters. Of course Mary Poppins floated up and down on her umbrella, and whole coat racks came out of her carpetbag, and she did slide UP the banister railing. However, we just didn't think it was as exciting as Jersey Boys (as Malcolm said, it just wasn't Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke!). Then, back on the underground to Jersey City for the night.

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