Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Today I decided to visit the Park Hills Baptist Church, which is a very short drive from my RV park. Last night I had forgotten to set my alarms -- the one to wake me up earlier than usual and the other one to remind me to take my medicine. I woke up with a start after 8:00, so I had to hustle! I didn't take time to eat breakfast.

The church visit turned out to be interesting. This morning they were having their worship service first and then Bible classes afterwards. Of course I had gotten there too late for the sermon, so I just waited in the foyer until it was over. They want to see whether such a schedule would work well for them. Next Sunday the schedule will be back to normal.

When the people started going to their classes, several of them stopped to welcome me and to invite me to a class. The Bible teacher was very good. He works at the Austin Museum and lives on a ranch. He seemed to be something of a "character". :>)

They invited me to stay for a potluck meal. After the meal two groups, who had just returned from short missions trips, made their reports. One group had gone to Ukraine and the other to central Mexico. Their new pastor, Samuel Clintoc, who is from Ukraine, introduced himself and his wife to me and thanked me for coming.

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