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The Checkerboard in Zion NP

The Checkerboard in Zion NP

Oh, no! Snow





Bryce at 9,000 feet


Conifer tree line




At the top!



My personal favorite Hoodoo

Chicken man




Chess players



Pollen allergies consumed me last PM and all today; hence the ride to Bryce Canyon where the pollen has not reared its ugly head. When the antihistamines kicked in, the rest of the day became a blur. The auto tour let us view the highlights. I don't think there is any such thing as a leisurely walk in this park as crampons are required prior to setting out. Thank goodness our crampons were back at the camper!

This is a park my sister would just love...snowshoeing and skiing are highly recommended for touring the park. The catch is....drum roll...CAUTION: DO NOT SKI OFF THE RIM. CAUTION: DO NOT SLALOM BETWEEN PINNACLES. #1 Reason for park injuries are falls from cliffs!! As a matter of fact, Zion NP closed a popular trail secondary to falls from the cliffs. The jury is still out regarding whether we will hike Angels Landing. Here is the trail description: Round trip-4hrs; ascent-1488'; long drop off,not for anyone fearful of heights, last section is a steep, narrow ridge to the summit, use hand chains.

This is the top level of the Grand Staircase created by uplifting of the earth. With 200+ days a year of snow/ice melting then refreezing each night, their poor little rocks have no chance! They just become Hoodoos. After several chiseling heavenly events the rocks crack; first making holes called windows. When the windows collapse they create the pinnacles. It is the same endless water process of destroying rocks.

By the time we stopped for coffee and buns, ate lunch we got home in time to rest for the next event. The Ranger programs are captivating. I wouldn't want to take a quiz; however, one walks away from these programs with some pretty interesting info. We are feeling pretty good about ourselves. We have now completed seven of Zion's trails. While the trails seem to be easily maneuvered, steepness and drop-offs seem to be the biggest concern. Hiking is the only way to take in the vastness of these parks.

Like I said in the previous writing, the camera's eye does not capture what my eyes see. One of the best park features is the shuttle system. These are propane fueled tag-a-long buses with unobstructed viewing. They accommodate back packs, bikes, etc. and run every 6-8 minutes. This service removes most hassles making for a more pleasant visit.

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