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The Golden Temple

Clever Eh!?!? A gate leading into the Golden Temple

A Semi-Golden Temple in the shadows of the REAL Golden Temple. When...

The Beast...........................................and Emma

Dumb & Dumber!! This is all camera trickery and was perfectly safe!!

A Goofy dude outside a Temple. Me and Em both think it...

We were leaving Vientiane today to go up to Vang Vieng however as this wasn't until the afternoon we had use of the moped all morning as well.

So we drove over to the Golden Temple which is the most important Temple in Laos aparently, and was REALLY golden!!!

After driving about for a bit we finally located the MASSIVE GOLDEN TEMPLE and hads a little looky looky around.

It was cool but I think we may be getting a bit Templed out, and to be fair once you've seen the Taj Mahal everything else is gonna struggle!!

In the afternoon we got a minibus to Vang Vieng which took about 3 hours.

We booked into a really nice hotel called The Elephant Crossing which is a bit steep at about GBP15.00 a night but it's very nice, clean, and has wicked views of the river.

Em was feeling a bit crappy this evening so we had an early night.


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