Going north on the Eastern Shore we cross into Maryland.

Our setup on space 11

A look down the street

Entering into the park.

We go the Museum of the Bible.





A sample of what the Dead Sea Scrolls were contained in

Well preserved but difficult to recover


Interesting relationship

Samples of the various versions for all Christianity

One of the earliest printed Bibles

Explanation of previous pic


Sample of past authorities who had influence on Bible coming about.

Rosetta Stone

About the Rosetta Stone

Real Torah rolls

About a project for donors

Looks like big tree of life and flowing

But, look closer and see the names, neat, huh!

Next day out, we Metro into D.C. for National Geographic Museum

Across the street from the entrance you see this, wow!

This is an awesome experience.

On the floor at the entrance is this medallion familiar to all...

It’s too big for one photo!

We took a break for lunch, Rebecca was the recipient of a...

We had great time with our friends...

When that day came that we had to leave, it was a wonderfully easy drive of 195 miles straight north and west thru Annapolis then to Andrews Air Force Base for a weeks stay. Our purpose for coming here is two fold. We heard about two new museums opening in Washington D.C. last November (2017), the Museum of the Bible and National Geographic Museum. The other reason to come here is reconnect with longtime friend who moved here from our hometown. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other.

We parked the car and Metro’d into the city. It was a super easy one block walk to the front doors of the museum. Admission is free, but a donation is requested. The Museum of the Bible opened to grant fanfare and anticipation for its new high tech displays invite the guest to investigate antiquities from the old world relating to the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. From their website, it aims to be among the most technologically advanced and engaging museums in the world. Showcasing rare and fascinating artifacts spanning 3,500 years of history, the museum offers visitors an immersive and personalized experience. We were amazed at the 6 floors, 450,000 square feet of beauty in good taste.

The next day we took the Metro into the city again, but this time to the National Geographic. Admission is $15, $12 seniors/students/military, $10 kids 5 to 12. This museum has few static displays, most of what you’ll see are special traveling subjects. The two Exhibits on right now are, The Tomb of Christ and Titanic: The Untold Story. Both of these will be switched out in the month of Jan 2019. The Titanic exhibit was terrific, in that it tells of the discovery of how and where it landed on the ocean floor and the personal stories of many survivors as well as those who didn’t survive. This extensive exhibition displays items from the luxurious ocean liner and personal effects, like the coat worn by survivor Marion Wright Woolcott. And the time piece of John Astor retrieved from his body but given back to the family.

The Tomb of Christ exhibit features a short 3-D film telling of the history of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Weaving a story line through the experiences of three young women who live in Jerusalem, each of a different faith of the three major faiths in that city.

We met our friends for lunch one day and caught up on the important events of our lives otherwise lost to busyness ! Another day, on Sunday, we met William and Ingrid at their church for services then to their home for dinner.

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