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Quiet day at home. Getting myself somewhat organized.

Tomorrow at 0730 MT I will be have a hip replacement on the left side. I have been in pain for a couple years now and the time has finally come that I can be normal again.

I have to be at the hospital at 0530...yikes!

I am scared, excited, nervous, anxious, happy and all those other things. Oh, and very, very hopeful. I know I will have lots of physical therapy and plan to do everything that they tell me to. I haven't been able to walk without pain for so long that I want to heal ASAP.

So, may my Doctor have a good night's sleep, no nightmares, maybe a small glass of wine while he reflects on the procedure for the surgery, not to oversleep and raring to go.

I will be off the "grid" for a couple days....so wish me luck and I hope you have a couple lucky days as well.

Thanks so much for those who have sent blessings. My God bless you as well.

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