We had lunch at the "True Grit Cafe" we sat on the...

This building was used for town hall in the movie..

This wall inside was also in the movie...

John Wayne stuff all over the inside...

View from the balcony..

We had a great lunch and learned a lot about the movies...

Checking out the trees where the hangings took place..

It was the one on the left..

The street Rooster lived on..


The incredible mountains viewed in the movie..


The wagon Rooster brought the gangsters back in...

Last one!

We are having a great time exploring the tiny town of Ridgway. We read so much about movies made here, we had to go back and watch True Grit again, just to see how many times we could spot parts that were filmed in Ridgway.

I took pictures of most of them, I forgot to photograph the house where Rooster lived with his cat and Chinese friend. I have pictures of the building that was used for town hall in the movie and a lot of beautiful scenes of the mountains surrounding the area etc. We even had lunch at the True Grit Café, we ate on the balcony so I could take pictures of the park and more. The food was great and reasonable too.

The True Grit Cafe was built to recognize Ridgway's movie making history. Back in 1967, Paramount decided to film the movie "True Grit" starring John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby and Robert Duvall here in the Ridgway area. Sitting in the 'Grit' you can look over the Town Park where the hanging scene took place.

Right behind the park is the old train depot featured in the movie. If you look up toward the mountain ridge to the East you will see the famous Chimney Peak that is shown prominently in the big shootout scene where John Wayne takes the reins in his mouth, a pistol in one hand and his Winchester in the other and charges the outlaws. Ridgway has quite a history with two other movies that were partially shot in the area: "How the West was Won" with Debbie Reynolds and John Wayne and "Tribute to a Bad Man" with James Cagney. In nearby Silverton "Northwest Passage" with Jimmy Stewart and "Naked Spur" with Gary Cooper were filmed. Many commercials have also been filmed here including winter commercials for Wells Fargo Bank, Anheuser Busch and print ads for the Marlboro Company.

We will be going back and watching some of the others filmed here too. Another fun day in Colorado, check back later for more.

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