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Bustling Goa

Well, we made it to Goa! Yeah! We thought we would never get here, considering the wacky train system. So, we had to get around that by taking the bus, which ended up being only two hours longer and about five times cheaper. In Goa, we took a vacation from our travels. (Who would have thought, in India, no less!) Goa is much different from the northern parts of India. People are more laid back here. Churches seem to outnumber Hindu temples and Muslim mosques. Even the men here have been seen walking around with nothing on except their beach sarong. Quite different, considering everywhere else in India, everyone is wearing long pants. As for the women, it's out with the Sarai and in with the loose pants and skirts. Goa was a paradise in this mad-capped country. Palolem, the beach we stayed at, is a crescent-shaped beach fringed with palm trees all around. The fishermen's and tourists' boats are often found littered here and there along the sand. The local dogs guard all the tourists, barking at any incoming tout trying to sell their goods. We rented a beach hut, less than 10 meters from the shore. All we did here for an entire week was eat (on the beach), read (on the beach), drink (on the beach), play (on the beach) and sleep (almost on the beach). We could have stayed here for much longer, but alas, crazy India beckons. We must move on to see Varanasi and head towards Calcutta for our flight out. Incidently, we have 7 nights left in India, and we only need a hotel for 3 out of the 7 nights. The rest of the nights will be spent aboard trains and buses. What joy!

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