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Gear for our Fishing

Nice boots Jackie

Harry relaxing on the boat ride to our fishing hole

Harry and Jackie on the way out to find "big halibut"!

Jackie's big fish!

Harry's catch

Harry working hard!

Reeling one up!

We were not in a hurry getting up today. It is another day of fishing. Jackie wanted to

fish but not at 6am.:) Barb & Bill took us down to the end of the spit to catch our boat for a 1/2 day fishing trip. Shifting gears now, Bill & I went to town to look around while the kids fished. We found a T-shirt with Homer on it. We picked up the trolley that tours around town. Our driver was pretty talkative so the trip was enjoyable. We

came back to the RV for a piece of pie. We have discovered that one thing that most people have here is rhubarb. It is apparently hardy in their climate. The weather was

pretty. Low 70's and blue sky. By 4:30 it was cool & windy. We went back inside. Harry

called when they got back. We picked them up at the Salty Dog Saloon. One of these places that had $1 bills stuck up everywhere multiple times. Jackie & Harry signed theirs

and put it up with the others. Harry & Jackie each caught 2 nice halibut. That is the limit per day. Like the fish house in Homer, the fish was cleaned, filleted, frozen and shipped home to Fla. They now have about 35# of fish waiting their return in Nov. Jackie & Harry built another fire but I stayed in as it is colder now. We will be moving on again tomorrow.

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