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Staten Island Ferry

on the Staten island Ferry

on the Staten island Ferry

on staten Island

Jetty Harbor pylons



view from the ferry



looking back towards Manhatten



the Fashion area


Walk on the High Side



the old railway lines






So back to New York and a longer journey as first the bus was a half hour late arriving g and then it was Friday and as we got nearer to NY it got busier. I think we spent about A half hour sitting on the Jersey turnpike covering about 200 metres! No stops on the .way either to try to make up time but the. Us did have a toilet - just as well.

Back to the same hostel tried to find something affordable in a different part of town but NY is very expensive and this place was clean and affordable.

Caught the subway down to South ferry and then the Staten Island Ferry just for the trip across and back so can tick that off my list!

Back on Manhattan Island I venture into the Museum of the American Indian which was surprisingly good. The exhibitions. not only covered the older history but also things like the influence of native Americans on music I sat and watched a video of various artists through the past 100 or so years. From there I had my Kosher experience at Katz deli - pastrami on rye so much meat on o e sandwich but I ate it all and it was good! I did a long Wald through Chinatown, Little Italy and the East side. My final NY highlight was the High Ride - this is a disused section of rail line from 14th to 33rd streets. The track is set up above the roads and buildings and had been in disuse for a long time - the council was going to pull it down but a few local residents got together and came up with a plan to turn it into a park - it was a really once walk lots of people but quiet and restful - i was really impressed. There were lots of things I would have liked to do in NY but it really is huge and there is just so much you can do I didn't even get to a show as each evening I was too tired from walking to contemplate sitting though anything. So I will just have to return one day with more time and a lot more moneying back in a few days.

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