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Birthday Honorees - Bert, Ethel and Charlie

Hill Country Cupboard, Johnson City

Hill Country Cupboard - Charlie, Donette, Stuart, Bert, Ann, Bonnie

Hill Country Cupboard - Val, Bill, Marilyn, Charlie, Donette

Hill Country Cupboard - Janie, Eldon, Bruce and Ethel

Bindseil Park - Stuart, Donette, Gaylynn & Eldon

Bindseil Park - Eldon, Glenda, Stuart and Gaylynn at Byars Live Oak

Bindseil Park - Byars Live Oak

Bindseil Park - Byars Live Oak

Bindseil Park - Byars Live Oak


It was about 11:30 by the time I left the tire store, but I decided to wait until I was in Johnson City to eat lunch. My ride was so much smoother with the new tires that it was a real pleasure. No more shuddering.

There were 15 members at the campout, which was enough to qualify for a discount on camping fees. Because of the uncomfortably high temperature, we stayed indoors and played table games this afternoon. Tonight we had our usual abundant pot luck dinner. Our birthday honorees were Bert Cunningham, Ethel Fitzgerald and Charlie Rose. We were very happy to welcome a new member, Eldon Rhodes, of San Antonio.


Tonight we ate dinner at the Hill Country Cupboard. Their specialty is chicken-fried steak and their sign on the front of the restaurant boasts “Nearly three dozen sold.” I had their Friday special, fried catfish.

After dinner we played table games again. Eldon taught us a new word game, Quiddler. There are eight hands in the game. In the first one each player is dealt three cards and tries to make a word with them. If a word can’t be made, the player has to draw another card. In the next round each player is dealt four cards and so on until ten cards are dealt in the last round. It was fun.


This morning some of the members checked out two RV parks as possibilities for an unofficial campout in August. One of the parks is in Driftwood and the other at Wimberley. We usually don’t have a campout then because so many members are away. They reported their findings to us after dinner and we chose the Shady Oaks Resort and RV Park at Wimberley.

Stuart, Donette, Gaylynn, Eldon and I went to Blanco. They all wanted to see the Blanco State Park, which is at the edge of town. The Blanco River runs through it and there is a large swimming hole at the spillway. They were impressed with it. I have camped there twice and really enjoyed it. After a drive through the park, we had lunch at the Blanco Bowling Club’s café. Their food is good and is reasonably priced.

After lunch we visited the Roland and Viola Bindseil Park. The park receives support from the Lower Colorado River Authority, the National Park Service, the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and H-E-B. Near the entrance to the park is a memorial to the victims and heroes of September 11, 2001, dedicated by Keep Blanco Beautiful, Inc.

The "Byars Live Oak Co-Champion Largest in Blanco County" is the centerpiece of the park. This huge live oak tree was recognized as the second largest oak tree in Blanco County in 1998. Travelers used this area as a camp site when they came to town by wagon or horseback in the 1800s because there was a spring just to the right of its base. The land and the tree were sold by the Roy H. Byars Estate to the City of Blanco on May 24, 2007 and is now part of the Roland and Viola Bindseil Park.

After we had returned to the RV park, Eldon came to my rig to measure for a small display case that he is going to build for me for displaying my family heirlooms. He showed me his portfolio and I was very impressed with the things he has made. Some of them are quite complex and intricate.


Route: I-35 N to Austin => US 290 W to Johnson City

Total Miles Driven: 56

Weather Conditions: Very not and dry

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Roadrunner RV Park (www.roadrunnerrvparktexas.com)

Park Conditions: Long pull-through graveled sites, nice small clubroom, exercise room, free Wi-Fi, free pastries

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