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Today was a much easier driving day. We had a leisurely breakfast and headed out. The road was good and the traffic was light. There were a lot of heavy clouds but some patchy sunlight. We stopped for groceries and gas in Lakeview, OR. Then we continued on. We soon reached the agriculture inspection station across the California border. We were OK except for the red pepper Evelyn had just bought. Evelyn explained that she had lost a new red pepper coming into the states and had just bought a replacement in Lakeview. The gal was very understanding but said it looked like a Canadian pepper to her. She got busy asking about other things and forgot to confiscate the pepper. We ate it tonight.

As we headed south we could see more and more wet pavement. We soon got into scattered showers. At times the showers turned into downpours. About half way to Reno we stopped at a rest stop. We talked to a couple on a Harley who had come from Reno and not had any rain. We had to tell them that they would likely hit rain before they got to Lakeview. We did not hit any more rain ourselves.

US 395 was a better road in CA than in OR and the speed limit went to 65 MPH. However, there was a lot more traffic and everyone wanted to drive 75 MPH including the truckers. Fortunately there were a lot of places for people to pass me and I didn’t have to use many pull-outs. I was glad to reach our destination even though it was before 3:00 PM.

We chose to return to a casino’s RV park that we had used 2 years ago on our USA/Canada trip. It is just across the NV border as we head south. It is a very nice place with level cement slabs and lots of green grass. The restrooms and showers and clean and well laid out. It cost more to stay than the other casino but is worth the extra.

After a bit we went over to the casino to make our donations. This time we had tickets for a free drink at the bar to get us in a good mood. We both played the poker slots. I came out $3.00 ahead this time but Evelyn made her $2.00 donation. We got bored after an hour or so and returned to the RV. I am trying to get all caught up on my Blog before bed time.

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