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View From Loma de Tiscapa of Shoreline by Managua & Lake Managua

Looking W. at Lk Managua From Loma de Tiscapa

Again Lk Managua, To Rt of Tall Rect. Bldg is Old Managua...

Closeup of Old Managua Along Lk Shore, Old Cathedral is 2nd Tallest...

Picture of Presidents House Built in 1929 on Hill Overlooking Crater Lagoon...

Picture of Same House After Earthquake

6000+ Year Old Footprints Found in 1872 in Managua

Closeup of Footprints...14 sets, 6000+ Years Old

Even Closer View of Footprints

Long View of Footprints

In 1974 a Nicaraguan Archeologist Uncovered the Continuation of Footprints

Closeup of Continuation of Footprints Uncovered in 1974 - These are 12+...

Old Managua Plaza & Presidential Palace, Now a Museum

Beautiful Old Cathedral on Old Plaza in Old Managua...Badly in Need of...

New Presidential Palace Across From Old One, Old Managua

Revolutionary Hero From 1930s Murdered by Somoza

Closeup of Revolutionary Hero

Lagoon Below Loma de Tiscapa Where Presidential House Once Was (To Rt...

This am we walked the 8+blocks in Leon to famous Nic. writers house/museum which has been closed over the weekend but it was still closed. Increasingly frustrated in this country, Bon now declares this the one never to return to. People, she says, are unfriendly - heard at least 3 during travels speak disparagingly of us 'gringos'-plus having had her fan taken from her bag on her bed, her coin purse w/ $5 US stolen, and bed bugs in at least 2 places we've stayed. Well, they have been 'recovering' from years of civil war and major domination by wealthy families and US corporation!

Now in Managua (Casa Vanegas by 2 pm, owner, Maria Elena) we take a tour - Huellas de Acahualinca, footprints 6000 plus yrs old & Loma de Tiscapa, where Sandino was executed - (mainly on the recommendation of owner but also LP warns of problems and when we were w/in a block of the Hotel our taxi driver would not let us walk saying 'too dangerous'). We had planned to just pick up taxis and ride place to place, so what happens? We have driver (Yolando, don't trust him!) of taxi-tour drop us off at a big, upscale mall to eat after our tour...thinking real safe. Here we get a very good veggie meal for only $4 US each and sometime between eating and leaving the fast food court Bon realizes her camera is stolen, taken from her zippered bag! The last straw I think - all the more frustrating because she had planned to download all pics to CDs yesterday but instead, got into Skype w/ T & T and didn't get it done. It is very unfortunate because she takes very good pics...mine are just reference pics of places. Bon's pics I was going to add later for quality to website-also, many times I would not use my camera because hers does better justice to sights. Now gone (I have put on a backup hard drive her pics thru Guatamala) for all of Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Feel badly but nothing can do. Bon is philosophical about it, "Now I don't have to think about taking pictures", she never really liked doing it anyway I think. (Ed; not true, I like taking pic's I want to take). But like everything Bon does "If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well!" as a kids book says that we used to read to T & T. So more frustration with travel in C. Am. and especially here in Nicaragua. We will be happy to leave this country - unfortunate circumstances leave a bad taste in one's mouth, whether a reflection of truth or no, there it is.

We did enjoy seeing the 6000+ year old footprints uncovered here in Managua. Amazing to think about people living here at least that long ago-I think much much longer...10,000 or 25,000 or even 100,000 yrs back. But that's another story. I wonder if theft occurred among peoples back then?! We lack the commons principle too much today!

Ancient Footprints of Acahualinca

Loma de Tiscapa

Some Info on Dictator Somoza

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