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Rec Hall

Rec Hall Stage

Rec Hall - Decoration Made from Horseshoes and Other Metal Pieces

Rec Hall - Paul and John Preparing Our Wednesday Evening Meal

Rec Hall Patio - Janie Cummings

Rec Hall Patio - Dyson Campbell and Betty Ray Wendler

Rec Hall Patio - Visitor, Faye and Bill Smith

Our Campsites

Our Campsites

Our Campsites

Blanco Bowling Club - Bruce, Bill, Marilyn and Glenda

Blanco Bowling Club - Faye, Betty, Bill and Marilyn

Blanco Bowling Club - Dyson, Bruce, Ethel and Faye

Other Campsites



This morning my back therapy was a little later than usual, so it was nearly noon when it was done. On the way home I stopped at Popeye’s for a quick lunch before leaving for the campout. I had already gotten everything ready except for unplugging from the electricity. I was on the road by 12:15.

Even though we had only eight rigs, park owner Paul allowed us to use the rec hall free. Normally, they require a minimum of ten rigs. We were pleased to have Faye as a visitor.

While we were sitting around talking, we all decided that we would like to cancel our October reservations at Seguin and come here instead. The RV park at Seguin, with its clubroom on top of a mound, is just not wheelchair and walking cane friendly. We have several members who are adversely affected by this. We’re looking forward to coming back to Miller Creek in October.

Tonight Paul and his visiting brother, John, cooked and served dinner for everyone in the park for only $3.00 per plate. We had hamburgers with all the trimmings, baked beans, sweet potatoes, chips and dips and ice cream sundaes. It was all very good.


This morning I gave Dyson a “mini photography course” showing him a few composition and lighting tips. His camera is several years old but it is still good and has all the features he really needs. We went around near the rec hall and I showed him how different settings affect the quality of the pictures. We’d take several shots of the same subject using different settings.

For lunch today we all went to Blanco, which is about six miles from the RV park, to eat at the Blanco Bowling Club. The food was very good and reasonably priced. They offer small, medium and large sizes of their plates. I had the small roast beef with three sides and a dessert. That was plenty of food. I just wish more restaurants would follow this practice. All our waistlines would be happier.

After lunch Dyson wanted to go to a grocery store to get the ingredients for stuffed jalapeños for tonight. We planned to eat only a little tonight instead of having our usual potluck dinner – which gives us all pot bellies. :>) However, Dyson’s grilled shrimp and stuffed jalapeños disappeared in record time!


Tonight we got three large pizzas from Papa Joey’s in Blanco to take back to the rec hall. They were highly recommended by Paul. We would have to agree with his rating. We devoured them, too.


We all went our separate ways late this morning. It seemed a little strange to me to be leaving on Saturday. I was back home and had all my chores done by 11:30.

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