Ginny's Adventures 2009 travel blog

prairie of Wind Cave - 13 miles long

a lone buffalo roams along the road

the cave is under these rolling hills

couldn't resist showing you a wild rose

the cave's only natural entrance, used by early explorers

showing how the cave breathes, out today. Can blow over 70 mph!...


boxwork, named because early visitors put paper in sections - reminded them...

our path is to the left!

crystal like rocks in some places

the end of our tour shows openings to other parts of the...

map of Wind Cave

I drove all the way down to Wind Cave National Park, which is south of Custer State Park, since I didn’t feel like seeing another museum and a cave visit was on my list for this year. This is the 4th longest cave in the world and is very complex. It’s not straight but has many tunnels and paths along side each other, like zigzag lines. It is drier than most caves, so it doesn’t have the typical stalactites and stalagmites in it. It does have rare boxwork and frostwork on the ceilings and walls. The CCC built the visitor center, the many stairs where visitors are allowed to go, with a ranger for a cost, and the elevator shaft, used for exits and some tours’ entrances.

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