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It's Tuesday and it is still snowing. The weather man tells us that it will break and we will have a nice afternoon...not so much! So, we decide to make it a Swiss cheese day. We started at The Chalet, a restaurant in Chateau d'Oex that has great fondue and has a cheese making demonstration each day. The owner fills a huge copper kettle with milk and then cooks it over an open fire in the middle of the restaurant! He then works with the cooked curds and places them in a cheese cloth which goes into a round mold which is pressed by a cheese vice to remove more moisture. The cheese round is then marked and stored for 8 months to age the cheese. It is very interesting that the flavor of the cheese is different from village to village due to what the cows eat that give the milk. Sue got involved stirring the cheese!

We then went on to the Hotel Chamois in L'Etivaz. The Mollier family has owned this hotel and restaurant since the 1880's. It's Chef Jeffrey has a soft spot in his heart for the Western Spirit Crew because his sister, Isabelle, lives in Denver with her husband. He made us an incredible late lunch! What a super experience. Thanks Pierre for coordinating our fun afternoon. We then went to Le Maison de L'Etivaz which is the cheese storage facility for all of the region.

Doug and Patty Grimes, the other US pilot from Albuquerque had a Margarita party and invited our entire crew.

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