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Plants Growing on Rocks

Tide Pool

Twin Rocks

This morning on the way out of Harris Beach State Park I stopped at the Marine Garden behind the campground. It is dedicated to conservation and public education. The diversity of plant and marine life was amazing.

Then I got back onto US 101 and drove into town (Brookings). I stopped at Fred Meyer to feed Daisy. While there, I asked about checking the air in the tires because the right rear outside dual looked low. The attendant showed me where the air was but I would have had to circle around to get back to it. I left, thinking that I would do it at the next stop.

However, I noticed a Les Schwab Tire store on the way out and decided at the last minute to stop there to have the tire checked. Something (Someone?) told me that this was more than just a mere loss of air pressure. Sure enough, the man discovered that the outside tire was just fine but that the inside tire was completely flat, thus making the outside tire carry all the weight. Yikes!! That's scary! The air loss was caused by the failure of the valve stem at the base of the wheel. I had him replace all four stems with chrome ones to head off any such problems in the future.

He told me that Ford had issued a Technical Service Bulletin about this problem and that I should go to a Ford dealer to see whether they would reimburse me. He directed me to the local dealer. They would not reimburse me because the TSB referred only to vehicles still under factory warranty. Of course Daisy is past that point. While there, however, the service man looked up my VIN to see whether there were any recalls that would apply. There was one pertaining to the cruise control. He installed a fused harness, which is supposed to eliminate a fire hazard. Another scary thought! My guardian angels have really had to hustle for me lately. :>)

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