Massive mountains in the area...

The river below..

One more...

View of the area near the falls..

Entrance to the falls and visitor center..


Bird list for the day...




Looking down at the water below..

Black Swift info...

Cliffs above the water where they nest..

People way down below...

Almost to the falls...



Brave people below..:-)

Lousy picture of the swifts in the holes they use for nest...:-)

One more view of the nesting area..

Zoomed view of one of the nest...

Back at the visitor center, the critter list for the area...

Jerry heading for the car...

Last one!

We had a wonderful time visiting the Box Canyon Waterfall and Park in Ouray today. We managed to spot two black swifts nesting on the canyon walls, I am sure there are a lot more than the two nesting in the area. This is a new bird for me, bringing my birding list to 396. Yippee! They were very hard to photograph. I could see them best with binoculars. I will add the photos anyone so you can at least see the nesting area.

In 2001, this breathtaking park was designated an important bird watching area by the National Audubon Society. It supports one of the state’s largest populations of Black Swifts, a protected species. These birds nest in their preferred habitat— the canyon walls sheltered by overhanging rocks near waterfalls.

The Box Canyon Waterfall & Park is Ouray’s natural wonder—formed when the rushing waters of Canyon Creek eroded a deep and narrow box canyon through fault weakened limestone. The park's short trails are easily accessible from the southwest corner of town. You can reach the visitor center and entrance either by car or by foot. The lower trail, an easy 500-feet hike via a walkway and suspension bridge will lead you straight into the belly of the falls. You will be silenced by roaring water as the force of thousands of gallons a minute ricochet off a mix of rugged crags and smoothly eroded pre-Cambrian rock, rushing eighty feet to the canyon’s bottom.

From the visitor center, you can also take the short but steep hike to the bridge above the falls and look down on the fury of the water as it plummets into the canyon and, as an added treat, enjoy beautiful views of Ouray. The native plant loop is a short and level trail near the visitor center where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest. They also have bird feeders around the visitor center with lots of additional birds. We enjoyed our visit much and highly recommend it for a great place for birding in Colorado.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the canyon and the falls. Sorry the bird pictures are not better. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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