South by Southeast late 2018 - early 2019 travel blog


The ship emptied so quickly, we were encouraged to get off before the scheduled time. After a quick stop at the facial recognition software which matched our faces to our passport photo on file, we found ourselves in a very short taxi queue and flew through the lightly traveled streets of Miami. Today is a holiday and the locals must have been sleeping late. Our quick exit came to a halt when we got to the Budget rental car counter. Ken stood in line for 45 minutes only to discover that he has expedited rental status; too bad no one told him. We went downstairs and were handed car keys to a brand new car that brought us back to Titusville in about three hours. Our home away from home is in great shape and we look forward to spending a week here before heading home where we've read that it is already snowed measurable amounts. Hard to believe when it's still in the 80ยบ's here. I am surprised to see that I need to do another round of pruning here. I worked hard getting everything ship-shape before we left. Things grow fast here in the jungle.

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