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Another bus ride. This time to travel to and tour the Canada National Historic Site, “Fortress of Louisbourg”, which is the largest historical reconstruction in North America.

Originally the fortress was established and constructed to protect Frances’ interests in the new world and to serve as the center of the massive French fishing industry. French interests had moved to Louisburg from other areas, such as Plaisance in Newfoundland, (re: July 23, above) for this protection.

Originally begun in 1914 the fortress fell under siege to the British twice, once in 1745 and again in 1758 after having been returned to France by treaty in 1749.

Beginning in 1961a 20 year effort to research and reconstruct the fortress began. Today you can see how the town functioned and how the French military functioned to try to protect their holdings from the British. Dozens of costumed interpreters bring the early residents of the town and fortress to life.

As in so many regions we have visited, the present day population is made up of a mixture of desendants of the original French British, Irish, Scottish and Mi’Kmag inhabitants from various periods.

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