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Kansas is not only about wheat, corn and beef . . .pumpers...

This was my interpretation of what I thought the day was going...

But I was wrong! We are getting more into grassland and the...

Sleeping in a racquetball court may not give you the best night's rest, no matter how unique and quirky the experience might be!! We really do appreciate Debbie and the Atleticlub for the accommodation last night! It was fun having the place to ourselves! But I don't think I was myself this morning.

We got up early enough but it just seemed to take a long time to get organized! Packed up and left the club quick enough. 6:15 out the door and noticed it is barely light! The days are getting shorter already and we have a ways to go!

We wanted to get on the road, but first we had to stop and fill our water bottles with ice, it gets warm so fast! So we stopped at Casey's and got a few supplies for the road and topped up all the water bottles. It was so busy, it just seemed to take us awhile to organize ourselves. Then it seemed like a great opportunity to stop for a cooked breakfast at the Grill House. Seems like it has been awhile since we had a cooked breakfast and a couple of eggs over easy, toast and jam (don't forget the coffee) sounded good. We stopped and it was good!

But now its already like 7:30. It was wonderfully cool when we started off but temperature climbs quickly. We are basically going to a much lower elevation so its easier pedaling than it is difficult. But, maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe its is just one of those days but I had a hard time staying focused today! It just felt like it was more of the same, another day like yesterday. I was so inspired (not) that I took a photo of the white line on the road because that is how I felt it was all around me, no change!!

But it did change! The landscape, near and far, is dotted with working oil pumpers and storage tanks. We have seen them scattered on the horizon since we crossed the Colorado-Kansas state line. I never knew there was so much oil here! Then the grasses seemed to take over, everything turned green and the land started to roll more. It was very pretty!

It is a little sad to come into these once thiving communities and see all the empty, boarded up store fronts. But there is still so much life and activity evident

One thing I have to say about Kansas is the towns and the people just seem to be so very friendly and welcoming! Maybe more than anywhere else someone always stops to talk to us, give us a little local information, smile or even something as simple as a wave and a "travel safe"! It really feels so nice, the very essence of what we have enjoyed about this trip, the spirit and kindness of real Americans!

We arrived at Ness City. I would really like to get across Kansas but the mileage either seems to be a little too short or a little too long. We are dealing with daily temperatures in the high 90's and rising every day so we try to get off the road by 2.

So it looks like we will be doing this for maybe another week, taking short bites of Kansas miles as we work our way east. There is just nothing as far as towns and supplies for miles and miles in between some towns!

I am going to go and try and catch up on my sleep so I have a better day tomorrow!

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