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cold cactus

cactus cups

The cold snap is still snapping. We took advantage of another 2-for-1 coupon from the booklet we bought when we first arrived to visit the Tucson Botanical Garden. The woman who sold us the tickets looked rather dubious, because many of the plants are covered to help them cope with the usual cold here, but we came to be warm in the butterfly magic pavilion. In this warm and humid environment the staff hatches butterflies who enjoy the orchids and other flower blossoms inside for their brief two week lives. It took about half an hour for our camera lenses to stop fogging up, because they were so cold when we first came in. But it was fun just watching these gentle creatures flit about, occasionally even landing on us. Many, many poor quality and out-of-focus photos were taken to get a few keepers.

Eventually we were so hot and sweaty it felt good to walk outside in the cool and admire the extensive cactus collection, both covered and uncovered.

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