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Roadworks outside our van

The glass "swimwear"

Katherine Gorge slumped glass platter.

To ease the boredom we visited the local patchwork shop, I looked for some more 3mm white glass beads Carol looked for some crochet cotton and found some. Then there are the road works in the van park, they are all being dug up and the gravel mixed with cement then re-laid, absolutely fascinating, the 2 guys doing it are very efficient....

BUT then we drove 200 M west along Pink Lake Rd to the Section Glass Gallery. The work is amazing, I appreciate it anyway as I used to do a bit of scientific glass blowing when I worked at CCAE and I made a few long since broken Xmas tree decorations. This stuff is really very nice, check out the platter and you will see part of the Katherine gorge. The piece de resistance is of course the slumped glass G string, with glass embellishments, I asked its creator to model it for me, she and in fact all the women declined...... Shame it would have made for some great Pics.... Maybe if Lara Bingle or Brynne Edelstein were here they would have jumped at the opportunity, just for the publicity....

Our part still has not got here apparently it left Melbourne Monday afternoon and has not been heard of since........ Kia to their credit is investigating its whereabouts. I can use a generic part but would void my warranty so will wait till I get home rather than void it here....

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