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Evening light over Puerto de Pollensa

Moon rising from our anchorage in Puerto de Pollensa

Seaplane on second pass before landing

Traditional fishing boats in Pollensa

Alcudia town walls

Roman amphitheatre in Alcudia

We've had a quiet week in Puerto de Pollensa, pottering around town, enjoying a couple of good meals ashore and lazing on Whimbrel. We visited the Albufera Nature Reserve again – it’s lovely for walking and cycling, even if you aren’t interested in birds. We saw some different birds this time, including two stone curlew and several purple gallinule with chicks, as well as three marsh harriers flying around.

6 and 7 July were frantic as we tidied the boat, washed a year's worth of salt and dirt from settee and cockpit cushion covers and generally cleaned Whimbrel from top to bottom in preparation for a viewing by a potential buyer on 8 July. We had to go into the marina on 7 July to wash the boat and it was quite strange being berthed so close to other yachts after over a month at anchor. The marina was very busy now that it is high season. You can’t book in advance as a visitor, so we were lucky to get a space, but it was the most expensive yet! Once the viewing and the test sail are over we’ll definitely be back at anchor…

10 July: Got the bus to Alcudia which is round the other side of Pollensa Bay. It was market day and the market stalls spread into lots of the streets near the town walls as the main square is very small. It’s quite a nice place to wander round, with some old medieval buildings and a Roman forum and amphitheatre. There are still excavations going on, with volunteer students from the US, although we didn’t envy them digging in the burning sun in 30+ degrees Celcius and no shade! The amphitheatre is in good condition but was more recently used as a necropolis so there are a number of rectangular burial holes in and around the amphitheatre steps. We walked round part of the restored town walls and got views back towards Pollensa Bay and over the rooftops of Alcudia.

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