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At our campground in the Rio Grande Valley, a large truck would bring the farmer's market to us every week. Here we have to drive to downtown Sarasota to a market located just outside Whole Foods. Of course, this market is considerably larger and sold more items than foodstuffs. Arts and crafts and prepared foods ready to eat were interspersed with fresh fruits and vegetables.

As we neared the tent filled area, we passed many folks leaving with bags bulging with produce and armfuls of flowers. The market opened at 7am, but we are geezers who made it there about 10. The aroma of fresh strawberries was the first of many enticing smells. The market was crowded and the vendors were doing a great business. While I suspect that not everything sold there was grown nearby, most of it was labeled as organic and quite expensive. We couldn't resist the fresh seafood and bought the largest shrimp I have ever cooked and a mushroom sauce and fresh pasta to go with it. We ended up spending about the same amount that we had spent to go out to eat the day before and I still had to cook it! The shrimp were much harder to peel than the once frozen ones, but they had a far more vivid taste.

Then the cold front came through and we spent most of the weekend inside. Although this campground has a full roster of activities Monday - Friday, very little is scheduled for the weekends. So we had lots of time to plow through a large box of mail from home and watch our beloved Bears bite the dust in the Super Bowl. None of the pre game commentators had anything good to say about our team even thought we won the division, but I guess they knew what they were talking about. Maybe next year...

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