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More lovely countryside.

Flagstaff Arizona is somewhere off in the distance.






A little fuzzy driveby.

Coming down out of the hills.

Stark living conditions. I believe this is still on the Indian reservation.














Still lots of red in the rocks and soil.

This was actually not far from Holbrook.


Our guide for the short tour.

Looking back across the landscape and entry road from top of crater.

The area to right in bottom, is where a man spent 25...

Shaft area.

Hiking along the rim.

Remnants of old house and shelter.



Yours truly.


Looking over landscape. My trailer is on left.

Viewpoint on highway. Looking back across primarily Indian reservation land.





In town of Kanab. Golf course to left.

In Kanab. This was in a local park area. There was a...

Heading Northwest.

At this point, I am simply working my way back to the NW. While the journey has been interesting, it has also been a long trek. From Holbrook, I had two choices – either continue west and go through Las Vegas, or go north through Utah. Since I had already done the Las Vegas thing, I decided to head north and see some new country. So, I ended up here for the night.

I did take a slight detour today and spent a couple hours at the Meteor Crater a little ways west of Holbrook. I know I have seen this from the air once or twice, and was interested to see it up close. I participated in a short walking tour, which was very interesting. Did you know that there were never any meteor fragments found inside the crater? All fragments were blown outside. Some guy spent over 25 years looking in the crater for his “get rich” meteor fragments – but never found any. He was looking in the wrong spot the whole time – should have been looking outside the crater.

Also, materials ejected from the impact had originated below the crater surface; therefore, this was an important training location for astronauts because they could learn to identify craters on the moon that had ejected materials from beneath the surface, thereby minimizing their need to dig for anything.

The crater is 550 feet deep, 4,000 feet across, and 2.4 miles in circumference.

The crater is also owned privately, and is leased to the company who deals with the public viewing of the area.

The drive today was very scenic. Even the town of Kanab is nestled in among the red stone mountains. The path today also took me across the Glen Canyon Dam, which creates Lake Powell, at the border of Arizona and Utah.

Travel Time: 5 ½ hours

Distance: 303 miles

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