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Mountains Betwen Matagalpa & Jinotega

Another View Mtns Matagalpa to Jinotega

Day Trip to the Beach and Sexy Legs!

View of Beach - Day Trip

View Looking S. of Beach Near Leon

More Crowd at Beach

More Crowd at Beach on Easter

Next am streets deserted . We begin walking to bus terminal but because Bon's pack wheels are suffering from these colonial streets (pavers/stones - sidewalks not much better and very narrow...she's been trying to repair w/ glue and tape), we get a taxi. Get to terminal just as bus to Matagalpa is pulling out 7:30 am! Creeping up very newly finished highway we came down just yesterday (a fellow in the van said it was the best he'd seen..."worth beans for the poor for a year" was his comment), and listening to religious music on bus CD player all the way with a young, well dressed mother and 2 children sitting next to us, she singing along w/ every song - often the bus driver as well! It speaks of the importance or at least centrality of religion in this part of Nicaragua (perhaps elsewhere as well!?) that these religious songs are common in their popular music - driver played 2 CDs and they were not hymns, much more lively.

Observation: On buses, especially in Nicaragua consistantly...the conductors usually help get bags, packages, suitcases, etc & little children off the bus at stops. They take bags etc. and lift off the kids, a very common consideration mostly for women...once in a while for me, ha! Do I look that old?

Arr in Leon after 5 1/2 hours & 3 buses (good connections) but very packed - from no buses yesterday to sardines today! Taxi to BigFoot Hostel-full! Across the street Via Via dorms for 120C ea ($6 US). Nice enuf, plenty of space esp since we're only ones in it (6 beds). Travel from Jinotega to Leon - cool mtns to hot, humid in less than 5 hours, my body once again is very confused.

4/4 Easter

Three things happen to Bon today which gives her little reason to return here (wasn´t planning to anyway)...lost her fan, bed had bed bugs, and her purse was pick pocketed on our way back from beach (went to beach since nothing is open today and most of the locals go there...see pics).

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