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USS Nautilus, the first US nuclear submarine

New Haven - Old Lighthouse Park - getting ready for Christmas!

These were waiting to be put up, right beside the historic old...

Yale - part of the major sports complex

Sleepy Hollow, in Tarrytown, New York - the Headless Horseman metal sculpure...

Bridge marker

This is THE Sleepy Hollow Cemetary!

Washington Irving, who wrote the story about Ichabod Crane and the Headless...

William Rockefeller (with family members as well)

Andrew Carnegie and wife

Groton, CT is the home of the U.S. Navy Submarine headquarters, and there is a huge submarine museum there. Our guidebook had said that it would be closed for a few days this time of the year, and sure enough it was, but there was a look-out where we could at least take a photo of the Nautilus, the first U.S. nuclear submarine. We then drove on to New Haven, the home of Yale University. Our first stop was Old Lighthouse Park, where they had an obsolete old lighthouse. Of more interest to us, it turned out, was that they were busy setting up a gigantic Christmas light display, a commercial exhibit run to raise money for charity, similar to the one we saw in Reno a few years ago. As we walked around the lighthouse and the beaches we checked out the many massive lighting fixtures they were installing - just our cup of tea! We then drove into the main part of the city so we could say we'd seen Yale University. Unfortunately the only parts we seemed to find that were recognizable as a university were their gigantic medical facilities, and the sport complex with stadiums. Everything else just looked like office buildings - we obviously missed the section with old ivy-covered buildings we were expecting. After New Haven we drove on and down into the state of New York. Our one stop there was at a town outside New York called Tarrytown, which contained one famous little village called Sleepy Hollow - yes, THAT Sleepy Hollow. All together in one spot was the site of the bridge (long-since replaced) which Washington Irving featured in his book about the headless horseman and Ichabod Crane, and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. What was interesting about the cemetery was that not only was Washington Irving himself buried there, but that it was the burying spot for many famous, wealthy Americans: William Rockefeller (John D.'s brother), Walter Chrysler, Andrew Carnegie, Elizabeth Arden, the Helmsleys, and more. From Tarrytown we managed, with difficulty, to find our way along the parkways and mazes outside New York until we reached Jersey City, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, where there was a simple campground located at a marina, beside which one of the ferries left for Wall Street, and looking out to the Statue of Liberty. We then of course spent the evening making plans!

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