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It took us all day to drive up to Pretoria from St. Lucia, given all of the road work being done in anticipation of the FIFA worldcup in 2010. Pretoria is the government headquarters, but we only stopped here to pick up our rented 4x4 camper truck.

We decided to rent a 4x4 so we could spend 8 weeks travelling independently into Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana where we know the roads will not be so good. We rented from a small company whose owner, Rolf, was a bit of an oddball on the phone and over email. We weren't sure what we were going to get, but luckily the truck and equipment is nice and well-looked-after. Before Rolf would let us take his "baby" out into the wild, he wanted us to do a 4x4 course with him to become familiar with the equipment and the kinds of conditions we might encounter. Luckily, with John driving, we managed to "pass" his test. It was very helpful to get this training and to learn where all of the tools are, should we need them.

We have crazy equipment for when we have to self-rescue in the middle of beyond. A couple of jacks (including a high-lift jack for when we get in real trouble), ropes, tool-kits, shovels, air compressor to pump up tires, 2 spares, sand-tracks, 4 extra 20 litre cans for fuel in case the 140 liter built-in long-range tanks are not enough, 2x 25 liter cans for water and lots of other goodies that I hope we never have to use. In total we can carry 220 liters of petrol which gives us a range of about 1500 kms.

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