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Landscaping at the Golden Nugget

The Colorado River @ Laughlin






Boiler Room Microbrewery

View from the RV lot




light show on the ceiling


Who is that ole man in the background?

more light show




Friends of Carolina






How about this retro couple?


From the sound man's prospective


My mother is celebrating 85 years of life today! Happy Birthday to you. Can you imagine being awakened with the birthday song being sung in duet(or was that monotone?)!? Whatever the sound ,Corky and I made my mother laugh. My daughter,Amy and my sister, Julia will have a combo birthday and Easter dinner for her.

Las Vegas brought us out from under the desert rocks back to reality. The Fremont Street Experience, "Vegas the way it used to be", is phenomenal. Neon lights transform the street into a "glitter gulch". For flavor add performing acts/bands, show girls, costumed characters, and more than a few Elvis look alikes! Throw in 99 cent margaritas and 99 cent shrimp cocktail, badda bing!!! All of the razzle/dazzle is topped by people gazing. Surely, it must be true, "what happens in 'Vegas stays in 'Vegas!

Saturday night on the strip-walked our legs off, sidewalks loaded with people, cute spring break girls dressed to the 9's, windy, and filled with contagious people energy. Next year I'd like to go to some shows; however, I better start putting some coins in my piggy bank! Interestingly, the later it got the greater the intensity of the atmosphere. Wedding parties were keeping the chapels in business. How about a drive through say I do chapel? Too funny!

Back to the Strip we went on Easter Sunday. This time we traveled in from the so-called backside. The magnitude of the elegance and size of Vegas is larger than life. I would suppose I'm an easily impressed tourist as I was completely impressed with its magnificence. At first, I thought it was unusual to see vacationing families. In retrospect each hotel is Disney-world like and there is plenty to do and see within the hotel itself. As you have read, we had a great time with the change of pace. Often we will investigate cities and so we did here. Neighborhoods(price and architecture), hospitals, shopping, groceries, etc. were a part of our sightseeing. This town has alot of eye appeal.

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