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Our site 91 at Leisure Acres. We're not cramed together - nice.

A pond in our front yard


View out our front door

Looking at our rig from across the pond. We're third from left...


Beginning of Labor Day weekend event


We're happy campers with our Amish popcorn we found at Kitchen Collection...

We completed a delightful and productive (genealogically speaking) week in Columbus, MS on Tuesday. We learned that it was not ravaged during the Civil War which partly explains the existence of the many lovely old buildings including the early Winston (my ggg grandparents) home Magnolia Hill circa 1840.

Certainly, local leaders have made a significant contribution to keep the city’s historic area alive in spite of Wal*Mart and the typical strip franchise development. Besides my personal heritage, both good and bad (e.g. slavery and the Klan), we will most remember our weeklong home setting at Lake Lowndes State Park.

Anxious to “hit-the-road” I awoke Wednesday morning shortly before dawn. I fixed a cup of Trader Joe’s French Roast and watched the egrets and geese on the lake while the sun rose over this lovely setting. Perhaps we’ll stop here next year in the fall – when it is not so hot and humid - on our way back to settle at Jojoba Hills in Southern California. Fortunately, I didn’t experience any mosquitoes while here. I don’t know whether they were not out hunting or whether my Shoo Tag device actually was working. Nevertheless, it would be nice to stay here awhile without any genealogy tasks or the recent memory of a blow-out or repairs to our rig.

By 9:15AM we were hitched and ready to go. It was a little later than I had hoped, being ever conscious of the potential difficulties of getting around Atlanta as the afternoon progressed. Much like D.C. “rush hour” seems to exist most all day and accidents on the respective “beltways” are frequent. Today would be about a seven-hour journey (350 miles) bypassing Tuscaloosa and Birmingham before confronting Atlanta.

All went smoothly until we reached the north side of Atlanta on I-285, eleven miles from our exit to head northeast to Leisure Acres RV Park in Cleveland, GA. As we learned shortly there was a serious accident about three miles ahead that closed three lanes. It was stop-and-go, mostly stop for the next 30 minutes. Lynda called Rick at work and he checked the GDOT report on the Internet, reporting that the road was scheduled to be cleared in 15 minutes. In about five minutes we were moving again much to my relief. What a great thing to have cell phones and Internet when one is a perpetual traveler!

We arrived at Leisure Acres about 4:30PM; our home for the month, $340. It is by no means a “10” park but it is certainly adequate and well maintained. We were given a spacious pull-thru site over looking the pond. Unlike Lake Lowndes we have excellent cell-phone and satellite service. Also important to us is that Trader Joe’s and Costco are within an hour’s drive.

Yesterday we did a Costco run that included some travel shopping at REI and lunch at the nearby Ted’s Montana Grill. Ted’s refers to Ted Turner and specializes in bison, aka buffalo, burgers. Ted raises buffalo on his property out west, presumably Montana. We prefer them to beef because of their lower fat content. They were the best we have had, so we bought some grounded bison – yes, they sell it for $7 a pound. When we got home Lynda divided our two-pound purchase into patties for the freezer.

It will be another busy month doing some genealogy for Lynda – her father’s side of the family moved west from here about 1850 – and preparing for our trip to Asia. Also, we’ll be visiting friends and family in the area and I will be taking a five-day trip to the Baltimore-Washington area. My old group of CEOs that I chaired for 17 years is having an Alumni Meeting on Sept. 21 in Baltimore, so I will be attending that event as well as visiting with David and Cris the previous weekend and seeing dear friends Peter and Conni in St. Michaels, MD. Whew, I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

Tomorrow we will go to Atlanta to visit with Rick and Debra and gather our mail that has been forwarded to their house. Sunday, we will leave there and drive to Chattanooga (two hours) to visit the Sunday Farmer’s Market. It is the thing we miss most about our hometown of 5-1/2 years. At the market we’ll see our friends Pam and Mike and bring home some of their wonderful peaches that we have missed so much for the past three years; there are none like them. We will also see our adopted – figuratively speaking – grandson Zolan. Oh yes, I almost forgot Zolan’s parents, Emi and Ken; just kidding!

We will miss a Bar-B-Q here at the park for Labor Day weekend. Looks like it will be quite a big affair. They have started cooking the Bar-B-Q and a semi brought in a stage for the band. More rigs are arriving this afternoon and we have neighbors.

Well, that’s my update for today. Until next time enjoy the Labor Day Weekend and the coming of autumn; my favorite season.

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