We enter the park through the ranger gate

We found a nice site, B-8 we need lots o shade for...

All fixed up and settled nice and comfy

Our neighbor found this humongous caterpillar, YIKES he could eat tires

The park has a nice swimming pool, store, lounge, game room and...

Dave likes this lake for the great fishing

Lake is about 5 acres

Inviting isn’t it...?

Our move this time 265 miles south to TT Lynchburg, at Rustburg, Virginia was a little further in time cuz we didn’t take the freeway. I’m sure the mileage is shorter but we took the “country route” and that takes time. Another fella at church back at Gettysburg made the suggestion of going south on US Highway 15, then connecting to US Highway 29, he said a much better drive than the freeway. So, after checking that route on the map book, it sure did look promising. So, at the appointed time on Wednesday morning our intrepid navigator charted the course. Six hours and a few minutes later we pulled into the park, we like this place.

We have new friends from the road who live near here, the Patterson’s whom we’ll be visiting. Another thing we have been wanting to do in this area is to visit the birthplace and Presidential library of Woodrow Wilson. It’s just up the freeway a piece at Staunton, VA. Somehow we just haven’t done that tour, now is the time. Usually when we come here it is with our grandsons, we take them to see Thomas Jefferson’s home, Patrick Henry’s home, James Madison’s, James Monroe’s home, “Walton’s Mountain”, Appomattox, John Adams home and Natural Bridge.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories of our adventures while in this historic area. Oh, and it’s our anniversary next week, so you never know what we have planned.

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