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Look at this leaning tower

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It was a moving day, and Marilyn & I were on the road again at 8:05 AM.

I couldn’t believe it but we had a tailwind. I frequently pointed at our computer readout showing a slow but steady rise in our miles per gallon. Beginning at 6.6, while we were getting ready, etc, we gleefully watched as it climbed to an average of 12.2 by the time we reached the Oklahoma state line.

That is where Murphy’s Law took over, and the nice tailwind changed into a crosswind for a few miles and then became a quartering headwind, increasing in velocity.

We watched in dismay as the mpg slowly decreased, until it reached 10.6 mpg at the time of our arrival in Oklahoma City.

We had traveled 276 miles from the Oasis RV Resort just west of Amarillo, to Twin Fountains RV Resort on the north side of Oklahoma City.

Marilyn read to me from Ted Gray’s book, “Shades of Texas” and one story in particular, had us laughing so hard that I had to remove my glasses to wipe my eyes. Marilyn came very close to needing an emergency bathroom stop. If you find Ted’s book, please read the section about cowboys Ted has known, especially the one starting on page 120, about “Boog”. It is hilarious!

I called my old friend, Ralph, after we were settled in and they may drive down here from Enid tomorrow, to visit for awhile.

Just before we reached the turnoff to I-44, we stopped to fill with fuel at a Flying J. There were a few RV’s parked in the designated RV parking area, along with one single SUV, parked across two RV parking spaces.

I managed to squeeze between the cars and get pointed back out toward the street. I let Marilyn out and then drove to the fuel area, where I fueled up at $2.04 per gallon.

By the time I was fueled, a couple of RVs had left and I had one parking space to pull into.

As luck would have it, the folks in the SUV were getting into their vehicle as I pulled in next to them.

I tried to be polite and diplomatic as I explained how difficult it is for RV’s to park, and that is why they have designated spaces for RVs. I pointed out to this gentleman that there were about 25 normal parking spaces for cars, and that he had parked across two RV spaces, rather than to park where he should have.

His response was that he was only planning to be there for a few minutes. Then his wife, obviously not a long time USA resident, piped up and accused me in a heavy accent, of almost hitting their car when I pulled in. That did it!

It got a bit ugly after that! They left in a huff, but perhaps they will think twice the next time they want to park in a site reserved for RVs.

As Howard would say, “Sheesh!”

The remainder of our journey went quite smoothly and we were soon parked in our site W-16 at Twin Fountains RV resort, just off of I-44 at exit 129.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors with a cold drink for awhile, moving our chairs to stay in the shade, once in a while.

We finally went indoors and turned the A/C on because the 90 degree heat was too much for us.

We are now relaxed and looking forward to some sightseeing tomorrow. One thing for sure, you just never know what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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