Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

The border crossing from Peru to Bolivia was different from the one we went to cross from Bolivia to Peru. This one was much more complicated. We had difficulty finding the office to get our exit stamp on the Peruvian side than as we walked across the bridge the Peruvian police pulled us to one side. We didn't know what was happening, they didn't say until they had taken our passports from us that we were about to be searched for drugs.

We took it in turns to enter the searching room when they look through your bag and ask a few questions. They didn't find our stash though so we were okay!

After that we had difficulty finding the immigration office to get our entry stamp into Bolivia.

One question to ask is 'what country are we in when we have exited Peru but haven't entered Bolivia?

The immigration office was full of confused people. We filled in the form that they gave to us in one office - some people were paying for these forms but we are not sure why? Then we waited in line to enter another office to get these forms and our passports stamped - again some people were handing over money to the officials?

Finally we were legally in Bolivia; we waited while our bus got searched before setting off for La Paz.

Along the way we stopped, got off the bus and had our passports and entry cards checked.

Then a little while later, Bolivian officials boarded the bus to check our passports again, they took some people off the bus. It turned out that the people were from Columbia and these were corrupt officials and used this as an opportunity to extort money from these people.

We eventually arrived in La Paz and went back to the hotel that we stayed in last time, booked a flight to Rurrenabaque, the entry point to the jungle. Later we went back to Ram Jam's that night for a curry!

We took a taxi to the airport the next day to catch our flight.

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