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Sunset from CARE

Super Wolf Moon Before Eclipse

We had had a mostly mild winter until this week end, when an arctic front blew in. The brisk wind makes it feel like the 20s. Now, we’re experiencing a REAL winter. We were prepared for it, though. Back in November the maintenance crew helped us get ready by wrapping our faucets and water hoses with insulation. Last night I put an extra blanket on my bed and let my electric heaters run all night. My thermostat was set on 65 so, if the little heaters couldn’t keep up, the furnace would kick in.

Tonight I stayed up to watch the progress of the super wolf blood moon. I mourned my lack of appropriate equipment to photograph it! Alas, my little budget just can’t support the purchase of a powerful telephoto lens. I did get a fairly nice photo of the moon early in the evening, though.

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