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It feels like we just got here and it has been less than a week, but it's time to pack up the car and head north for the holidays. We've been keeping an eye on the weather. The northeast just got an early unwelcome attack of winter, but it looks like our route will be clear and dry when we leave here tomorrow. When we got back here, we were disappointed to still need A/C, but a weak version of winter has just arrived and gave us a chance to test the heat pump in our new executive suite. It works. It feels so good to have a break from the oppressive humidity and open the windows during the day.

All the suitcases from our recent cruises will come with us. The dressy stuff will stay at home and the suitcases will be refilled with lots of warm clothing for the trip to Antarctica in late February. We may need to ask Santa for new rain pants and waterproof gloves. In our quest to chase 70ยบ temperatures as much as possible in retirement, there hasn't been much call for really warm clothing. And if it's raining, we just wait for it to stop.

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