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Rothenburg was above

The market Square

One of the towns towers

The night Watchman

Beautiful Rothenburg at night

Following the romantic road south our next stop was the town of Rothenburg. We have seen many amazing things on our travels including mountains, temples and beaches but Rothenburg will go down as the most beautiful town we have been to. It can trace it's history back many hundreds of years but what is remarkable about it and unlike so many other places is that the old town where 2,500 people still live looks like it would have done some 500 years ago.

Our hotel was situated just inside the old city walls and thus we had a great base to explore the town. The walls are almost completely intact and we decided to walk a good portion of it to get our bearings and see the town from above. The town square was a site to behold with different coloured buildings in every direction and small cute cafe straddling the streets.

Ironically Rothenburg is so well maintained not due to its wealth but rather it's previous poverty. For hundreds of years after the 30 year war townsfolk were so poor they could not modernise the town itself and the walls were not demolished for use on other projects. Fortuitously this now makes for an amazing and unique town where more than 2 million people visit each year.

In the evening we joined the famous Night Watchman tour. This consisted of a guy dressed in a black cloak and holding a candle walking us (and about 100 other people) around the town and telling tales of the former years. We found this particularly interesting, especially learning about how the town was once again saved during WWII by an American politician whos mother had visited Rothenburg in the early 20th century. The description his mother portrayed of the town was so beautiful that the politician managed to order the US not to bomb the main parts of the town even though the Nazis were holed up within the city walls.

The next morning we had another walk around before getting the train to our next destination, Augsburg.

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