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Bald Eagle at our Camp site on Homer Spit, Alaska

Harry's nice Fire overlooking the water/Homer Ak

The view from our RV in Homer.Ak







I was up so early yesterday that I slept in longer than usual this morning. No early start. We set a record today. 11:30am we finally made it out of camp. It is a grey day. Light sprinkles, and 49degrees. We are now traveling along the Kenai River. There are boats & fishermen everywhere. The Silver salmon are running. There was a large body of

water off to our right. It is Kachemak Bay. About 3pm we saw a mommy moose & two babies.

A short distance after that we saw another mommy. No opportunity to photograph. Darn!!

We arrived in Homer about 4pm. Our RV campground is on what they call the Homer Spit.

We are in Heritage campground. The spit is like a narrow peninsula of land surrounded by

water on 3 sides. Across the one bay is the Harding Ice Field(named after president

Warren Harding). It is one of the remaining four in the United States with over 30 glaciers covering over 300 sq. miles. This visible glacier is one that comes down the

valley going narrow in thickness like a beach. Most of Alaska's glaciers are called

tidewater glaciers that are hundreds of ft thick and they "calve" (break off)into saltwater. They are all gorgeous.

We have a beautiful bald eagle in the campground that sits on the security light by the

office. They have a viewing deck that we can go up and look him eye-to-eye. He is

sure not afraid of people. He just sits there and looks back at us.

Our RV is backed up to the water and we can view the bay out our back window. Beautiful.

The water is 42degrees. Not my temperature even with a dry suit. We built a fire on

the beach and roasted marshmellows.

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