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Atchafalaya River Basin

Henderson Swamp

Whiskey Bay Pilot Channel

Port of Baton Rouge


Mississippi River

Another new state!

This is the Mississippi Welcome Center - what a welcome!

Photos in the Welcome Ctr showing the devastation of Katrina

Tree killed by Katrina - turned into art

First view of the Mississippi Sound of the Gulf of Mexico

A swing bridge on the railroad

Houses along the Gulf - all new since Katrina in 2005

This area has one of the biggest shrimping fleets in the Gulf

And some big pleasure boats, too

We weren't sure what these ships were - possibly research?

We are in a coastal area - typical beach building art

Lighthouses - left is the Biloxi Light erected in 1848

Elks Lodge in Biloxi - note level of water during Katrina

Looking out the front windows of the Elk Lodge - gorgeous views

Our nice rv site at the Elks Lodge

The views from our back windows!

Confederate soldiers' graves

This was sad - 5 yr old oldest son - hope you...


Enjoyed a late lunch at Shaggy's on the beach

We pulled out of Betty's RV Park in Abbeville at 8:00 this morning. We were trying to beat the rain & we did - except it was misting a little as we left. But we did miss the heavy rain they had this afternoon. We had mostly sunny skies most of the day - great traveling weather.

We traveled thru bayous & swamps & crossed over rivers all the way across Louisiana. We crossed the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge. Once we got into Mississippi we weren't far from the Gulf of Mexico so we got off the interstate & took Hwy 90 along the coast. It was slower but there was so much to see. We didn't see any of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina (it's been 11 years) but what we did see was miles of empty lots where beautiful old homes & businesses were before Katrina. There are many beautiful homes & lots of businesses along the coast - but the majority of them have been built since 2005.

We found the Elks Lodge in Biloxi with no problem. They have 4 rv sites behind the lodge under beautiful old oak trees. There is a cemetery on 2 sides of us but no one there should bother us. We took Callie for a long walk thru the cemetery & it was very interesting. Some of the old graves were damaged or destroyed by Katrina & bodies found were reburied in a special grave. There are still a lot of old grave stones & crypts. It was interesting to see Confederate flags - but they made sense beside the graves of Confederate soldiers.

We've decided just to spend the nite here & move on to Gulf Shores tomorrow. So we went out for a little drive around & a late lunch/early dinner on the beach at Shaggy's. There was a good breeze blowing so we sat inside. They had the windows open & it was a pretty cool breeze coming in. We enjoyed looking out at the Gulf while we enjoyed our dinner.

Another good day of travel today and a short drive tomorrow. More later...

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