Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler - Winter 2011 travel blog

While being athletic has never been part of my self concept, we certainly have been active trying out various games and sports here as weather permits. We found a cheap golf course that only charges $11 after 2pm. As you could predict, the geezers were stacked up behind each other at the stroke of 2. The course was short and every hole was bordered by running water. It goes without saying that we finished the course with fewer balls than we had at first.

We also gave the beach volleyball a try. The players were a mix of serious, experienced competitors and folks like us who haven't played in decades. They were warm and welcoming, but had a hard time sharing the ball with people like me who were clearly unreliable hitters. We both had trouble with a special local rule, that required that the ball be hit by three players before it could be hit to the other side. Perhaps a concession to geezerhood.

As we rode our bikes back "home," we noticed people playing on what we had heard was a frisby golf course, but it didn't have any of the baskets that you normally toss the frisby into. Again the people playing there were friendly and filled us in on what to do. We used irons to hit a whiffle ball off the tee and switched to a putter and normal golf ball once we made it to the green. It was a very windy day and it was easy to blame the meanderings of the whiffle balls on that.

The wind gave way to strong thunderstorms and tornado warnings. The sound of rain is hard to ignore when you are sitting in a candominium. When we are at home knowing that we have a basement, always gives us peace of mind when the weather gets exciting. But here there is nowhere to go. Even the large meeting buildings are built with the same flexible materials as our motor home. And when it isn't raining, we are constantly being bombed by acorns. While the tree at the back of our site looks nothing like the oaks we have at home, the nut supply from this strange looking plant appears to be endless. We may have to shovel off the roof by the time it is time to leave.

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